Research Projects

Emissions Estimates for Personal Travel and Associations with the Built Environment

2021 – 2023

Cost-effectiveness of electric bicycle incentives for greenhouse gas mitigation

2021 – 2024

Perceived Comfort and Safety of Road Users in Real-World Interactions with Autonomous Vehicles

2020 – 2022

Electric pedal-assist, physical capability, and cycling accessibility: Do cycling speed and energy expenditure mediate route and travel mode choices?

2019 – 2021

Human-electric hybrid vehicles: Implications of new non-auto mobility options for street design and policy in the Vancouver region

2019 – 2021

Perceptions of Comfort and Safety for Non-Motorized Road User Interactions in Vancouver

2018 – 2019

REACT Laboratory for comprehensive study of urban active travellers in controlled and uncontrolled environments

2018 – 2021

Development of an electric bicycle incentive program at the municipal scale

2018 – 2019

Experienced and Perceived Safety of Pedestrians and Cyclists on the UBC Campus

2017 – 2018

Web data extraction and mining to help cities understand the impacts of new mobility services

2018 – 2019

Managing inter-class student travel on a large university campus

2017 – 2017

Information and communication technology for arborists to reduce urban truck travel and emissions

2017 – 2017

Field Bicycle Coast-Down Testing

2016 – 2017

Best Practices for Bike Storage Facilities in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

2016 – 2017

Environmental and operational analysis of a novel urban mobility service using human-electric hybrid vehicles

2016 – 2017

Incorporating electric bicycles into urban transportation systems in British Columbia

2016 – 2018

Incorporating pollution inhalation and energy expenditure into network analysis for active transportation

2016 – 2023