Dr. Alex Bigazzi

Associate Professor

Dr. Bigazzi is an associate professor at UBC with a joint appointment in the Department of Civil Engineering and the School of Community and Regional Planning. He received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Portland State University in 2014, investigating urban bicyclists’ uptake of traffic-related air pollution. His primary research areas are the dynamics of travel by foot, bicycle, and emerging human-electric hybrid vehicles such as e-bikes, and traffic-related emissions and air quality.

Current Students

Elmira Berjisian

PhD Student Research Assistant

Elmira is a PhD student at UBC in the department of Civil Engineering. She currently holds a master degree from Amirkabir University of Technology and her master’s thesis concerned active transportation mode and destination choices. Her interests include and go beyond active transportation and its link with air emission. She joined the React Lab team in September 2017. Her research is on cycling route and speed choices.

Hossameldin Mohammed

PhD Student Graduate Research Assistant

Hossameldin is a PhD student at UBC. After completing his M. Sc. degree in transportation engineering from Cairo University in 2016, he joined REACT research team in January 2017. His research areas include active transportation modeling, transportation emissions and air quality, traffic safety, transportation demand management, traffic simulation, and big data in transportation.

Amir Hassanpour

PhD Student Graduate Research Assistant

Amir Hassanpour is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil Engineering at UBC. He holds a Master’s degree from UBC and a Bachelor’s degree from Sharif University of Technology. His primary research interest is the emerging transportation technology and policies to create an equitable and sustainable transportation system. He strongly believes that a multimodal street is a livable street and creates opportunities for all. He hopes that his research makes a positive impact on all people and the communities they live in.

Gurdiljot Gill

PhD Student Research Assistant

Gurdiljot is a Ph.D. student at UBC in the department of Civil Engineering. He currently holds a master degree from Cal Poly Pomona where his research focused on the development of statistical models in the domain of traffic safety. His master’s thesis concerned evaluation of the impact of neighboring structures on spatial crash frequency modeling and site ranking performance. He joined the REACT team in September 2018. His research interests include transportation emissions and air quality, and traffic safety from the perspective of active transportation.

Steve Martin

MASc Student Graduate Research Assistant

Steve has returned to UBC’s Civil Engineering Department as a Master’s student after having completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in 2021. His primary research interests revolve around equitable and sustainable transportation options, with a key focus on active modes and safety. Steve hopes to contribute meaningful research that helps shape the future of transportation.

Diana Sanabria

MASc Student Graduate Research Assistant

Diana is an international student who joined the Civil Engineering M.A.Sc. program to pursue a specialization in Transport Engineering. She joined REACT Lab in September 2022 as a Research Assistant. Her background involves a Licentiate Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Costa Rica, as well as research and teaching activities in that institution. Her research interests lie in sustainable urban transportation, spatial data analysis, and bike route choice models. As an enthusiastic active commuter, Diana aspires to play a role in understanding active mobility and transportation systems, to promote more livable cities and quality life for diverse communities.

Former Students

Katherine Le

Visiting Secondary School Student

Katherine is an international student currently attending Heritage Woods Secondary. Her passion for science led her to take the science coop program at Heritage Woods. As a part of the science coop program, Katherine is doing a work experience in the civil engineering department in order to get hands-on learning. She is currently assisting Amr with his research on electric bikes in Metro Vancouver. Katherine is also helping Cail Smith, a planning grad student, with her bike lock study.

Daniel Atreyu Rozanes Valenzuela

Mitacs Globalink Research Intern

Daniel is a research intern through the Mitacs Globalink Program. He is finishing a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences, with a specialisation in Atmospheric Sciences, at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has an interest in air quality, pollution dispersion and micrometeorology. Daniel has joined the React team for the summer of 2017 to assist with undergoing projects.

Xugang Zhong

Visiting International Research Student

Xugang joined us in September 2017 as a visiting international research student in the department of civil engineering of UBC. Currently, he is a master student majored in transportation management and planning from China Nanjing Forestry University. His research interests includes transportation simulation, non-motorized vehicle management.

Gurtej Tung

MA Planning Student

Passionate about public engagement, Gurtej joined the React team in May 2016. During the following months he managed the public interface of a “bicycle coast-down study” which engaged over 600 cyclists across Vancouver to better understand commuting resistances such as route preference and bicycle weights. The resulting study will help inform transportation practitioners and academics in creating more inclusive cycling infrastructure. In his spare time Gurtej seeks out the most delicious smoothies in town and informs his friends accordingly. Currently he is working at the City of New Westminster where he focuses on a range of topics from neighbourhood transportation plans to environmental sustainability initiatives.


Cail Smith

MCRP Student

Cail Smith is a second year Master’s Student at the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) and completed a B.A. in geography at the University of Victoria (’11). Smith’s research and studies have focused on the form and function of human-scale bicycling and walking facilities, including a project with UBC SEEDS (’16-’17). Smith also contributed to the City of Vancouver’s Autonomous Vehicle research through the Greenest City Scholar Program (’16).

Evan Hammer

MA Planning Student

Evan joined the React team in May of 2016. He spearheaded the development of the survey instrument used in the summer bicycle coast-down test. Alongside the React team, Evan engaged passing cyclists and helped administer the study. Evan is currently finishing a Master’s in Urban Planning at the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC. His research focus is cyclist consideration of air pollution and energy expenditure.

Federico Puscar

MASc Student

Fede is an international master student researching on road user behavior and its relationship to road safety. After obtaining his Licentiate Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Costa Rica, he moved to Canada to pursue his degree of M.A.Sc. at the University of British Columbia, specializing in Transportation Engineering. During his time at UBC, Fede has been working in research topics such as cyclist and driver yielding behavior, traffic conflicts, traffic violations, computer vision techniques, and health impact assessments. He has also worked on the Road Safety Evaluation for the Burrard St. and Pacific St. intersection in Vancouver, BC.

Simone Tengattini

MASc Student

Simone is a masters student researching on characterization of power expenditure of urban cyclists. After completing his B.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering, at the University of Bologna (Italy), he joined the research team in January 2016. With the React team, during the summer 2016, he led the administration to more than 600 cyclists a “bicycle coast-down test” to measure resistances for real-world cyclists. Such resistances parameters can be used to better model mode and route (speed) choice and health impacts of urban cyclists.

Saki Aono

MCRP Student

Saki is a masters student at UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP). She holds a B.A. in International Development and Environment from McGill University. Her research interests include transportation planning and sustainability. Saki began working at the REACT Lab in May 2017 as a Research Assistant. She is currently studying the market, barriers, and potential impacts related to the adoption of electric assist bicycles in British Columbia.

Filippos Gkekas

MCRP Student

Filippos Gkekas is currently a Master’s of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) candidate at UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP), focusing on the connection of transportation planning and real estate development. Filippos holds a MSc (Honors) in Applied Geography and Spatial Planning (Harokopio University), and a Bachelor’s degree in Geography (University of the Aegean), both located in his native Greece. His interests lie in active transportation and sustainable urban development. With this in mind, Filippos has work experience in many versatile roles at NGOs, think tanks, and the public sector, such as the City of Vancouver, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Greece, and the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship with a scope of advocating sustainable development and transportation, and promoting SMEs. Filippos’ joined the REACT lab team in September 2017 and is currently working with UBC SEEDS and UBC Campus and Community Planning (C+CP) researching pedestrians’ and cyclists’ perceptions of safety at the UBC Vancouver Campus.

Omar El Masri

MASc Student

Omar is a masters student researching on active transportation and the interaction between the transportation system and the environment. After completing his B.Eng. in Civil Engineering, at the American University of Beirut (Lebanon) with a minor in Computer Science, he joined the research team in September 2016. As part of the REACT Lab, Omar conducted statistical spatial data analysis to establish trends and patterns that help guide decision making. Two satisfied customers of his work include the UBC Campus + Community Planning (C+CP) and Chip Drop. His thesis revolved around analyzing bicycle travel in relation to road grade and topological elevations. As part of his thesis, he developed a decision making framework to guide the choice of elevation data for bicycle travel analysis.

Amr Mohamed

MASc Student

Amr is a masters student researching on the factors that influence the role of electric bike in urban transportation system. He got his B.A.Sc. degree in 2013 from Ain shams University in Egypt, he started working on a variety of projects including rural, urban and airports in KK consulting office. In 2014, he started working as Teaching and Research Assistant in Ain Shams University. Amr joined the React team in September 2016 and he is currently researching on extracting GPS data and doing traveler surveys.

Colleen Qiu

BASc Student Undergraduate Research Assistant

Colleen is a 4th Year Civil Engineering student with a passion for urban planning. Previously, she has participated in research projects in Environmental Fluid Mechanics and 5G LiDAR applications. She would like to explore how Intelligent Transportation System can make our cities more livable and sustainable. She aspires to be a human-oriented planner and designer in the future, and she is excited to learn more about active transportation at REACT.

Usman Nasim

Master of Arts (Planning) Graduate Research Assistant

Usman is a masters student in the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) at UBC. He got his bachelor’s degree in planning in 2015 from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. His research interests includes active transportation and air quality.  He is working on evaluating the effectiveness of active school travel programs. In his free time, he loves to bike and hiking. 

Hamed Barkh

BASc Student

Hamed joined REACT lab in May 2020 as a fourth year Civil Engineering student at UBC. He is working on improving route planning for cyclists by crowdsourcing GPS data to better estimate road grades of elevated structures. He firmly believes that active transportation is key to building an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable urban transportation system. He loves contributing to research that leaves a positive impact on the people and places it helps to shape.

Ruowei Li

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ruowei is a third-year civil engineering student at UBC. She joined the REACT Lab team in May 2019 as an undergraduate research assistant. The project Ruowei is working on is about exploring the implications of new non-auto mobility options for street design and policy in the Vancouver region. She is currently working with graduate students on method development, instrument testing, and execution of the speed surveys and classification counts.

Katrina Ong

Undergraduate Student

Katrina is a fourth year civil engineering undergraduate student at UBC with an interest in active transportation and planning. Katrina joined the React team in May 2018 and is currently working on enriching the Bicycle GPS data collected in 2017 with traffic flow data. A fuller data set will allow researchers to study various aspects affecting cyclist behaviour and network performance.

Mackenson Greffin

Visiting International Research Student

Mackenson joined us in April 2018 for a 5 months’ internship. Currently in fourth year in a 5-years engineer program at l’ENTPE (Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat) in Lyon(France), he is studying Transportation Planning. His research in the REACT Lab focuses on Map matching algorithms.

Jiayi Yang

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

Jiayi(Shirley) is a fourth-year year civil engineering undergraduate student at UBC. She is doing a directed studies course under the supervision of Dr. Alex Bigazzi in transportation engineering in order to apply and expand her transportation knowledge to a more specific object of study. She is currently assisting Saki with her research on an E-Bike Incentive Program for the City of Victoria.

Mengqi Lu

Summer Internship Research Assistant

Mengqi (Emily) Lu is a fourth year undergraduate student in the department of civil engineering in UBC. She joined React Lab from May 2018. Her current project is on researching historical weather data for May-Aug 2017 and inertial sensors that could be utilized to obtain bicycle speed. Her primary interest is in active transportation engineering.

Emily Bardutz

MA Student Graduate Research Assistant

Emily is a masters student in the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP), and she holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Regina. As an undergraduate student, Emily’s research focussed on investigating the relationship between the built environment and transportation mode choice, with the intention of better informing municipal policymakers of effective land use policy for encouraging sustainable transportation. Emily’s current research interests revolve around infrastructure and incentives for active and sustainable transportation modes.

Fajar Ausri

MASc Student Graduate Research Assistant

Fajar joined the REACT lab in September 2019 as a Master’s student in Civil Engineering. He currently holds a B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. As an undergraduate, he conducted research investigating the factors that influenced ridership in bike-share systems around the United States. His current research interests include non-auto mobility options, its implications for sustainable development, and how it impacts regional transportation planning and engineering.