Development of an electric bicycle incentive program at the municipal scale

Electric bicycles (E-bikes) are an emerging mode of travel in Canadian cities. With declining purchase prices for E-bikes and increasing cycling infrastructure in many cities, E-bike use is increasing for personal and business travel – and even for some local deliveries. 

The City of Victoria is making significant investments in cycling, walking and public transit infrastructure in order to support an efficient and effective multi-modal transportation network. E-bikes have not yet been an area of focus in the municipality, however transportation electrification features prominently in the City’s Climate Leadership Plan. Victoria seeks to understand the role that electric bicycles could play in advancing transportation and climate action goals and what they as a municipality can do to reduce barriers and accelerate/expand E-bike adoption among residents and businesses.

The objectives of this research project are to develop and forecast the expected costs and impacts of a municipal-led incentive program for E-bikes, which can subsequently be implemented by the City of Victoria. The proposed research will provide important information for Victoria to make strategic transportation and climate action investments and will also provide information about the potential contribution of E-bikes in other Canadian cities.

UPDATE – See the project final report here: Development of an Electric Bicycle Incentive Program for Victoria