As first term comes to a close, we want to introduce this year’s newest REACT Lab members – welcome to Yingjie, Eric, and Pegah!

Yingjie is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Transportation Engineering at Tongji University, in Shanghai, China and has joined REACT Lab as an international visiting student. His research focuses on the carbon emission calculation of urban passenger transportation systems, and naturalistic bicycle studies focusing on cycling behavior. Yingjie hopes to contribute meaningful insights towards sustainable and carbon neutral transportation.

Returning to UBC after completing a Bachelor of Science in 2021, Eric is interested in applying computer modeling techniques obtained in the field of geophysics to estimate carbon emissions in transportation. By improving our understanding of emission intensities, he hopes that policies aimed at reducing carbon emissions from transportation systems will be better informed to yield more effective and more equitable results.

With a strong foundation in planning, Pegah joins the REACT team after obtaining her first master’s in urban design at the University of Tehran. Through a unique blend of skills and a passion for creating sustainable urban environments, she is dedicated to expanding her expertise in transportation engineering methods. Pegah aspires to bridge the realms of urban design, planning and civil engineering, contributing to the development of safe and equitable urban mobility solutions.

We look forward to seeing what you all accomplish as a part of REACT Lab. Read about ongoing projects and more about our team at