GPS Travel Survey Instructions

Thank you for taking part in the UBC REACT Lab GPS travel survey. If you have not already done so, participation requires that you provide consent here.

We are asking you to record all your active trips (walking, running, cycling, etc.) for 1 week, using the smartphone application “Ride with GPS”. Please record trips of all types: commuting, errands, exercise, etc. We are interested in your normal routine, so please do not change your travel behavior for this survey. 

The following instructions step you through the process to download and use the app for this survey. For any inquiries or concerns about participating in this survey, please contact

Setting up the app

1) First, download and install the free “Ride with GPS” app Ride with GPS logo.png for your iPhone or Android smartphone. Note that this is a third-party app, which has its own terms of use – see their website for more information.

2) Create an account through the Ride with GPS app or website. You can sign up using an e-mail address or link it to a Facebook or Google account.

3) Add the REACT Lab account to your friend-list in the app. Adding us to your friend-list will allow us to extract your GPS data. To add us to your friend-list, go to the Friends menu (under ), search for “UBC react”, and select Add friend

4) Adjust data logging to 1-second intervals, the data resolution needed for this survey. Under  on the app Home screen, select Settings and then logging. Then under logging interval select 1 second. See screenshots for this and the next step below.

5) Turn off Auto-Pause (recommended, but not required). Turning auto-pause off will stop the application from pausing the recording process if you are not moving or moving slowly. This will improve data quality and prevent data loss. You can turn off Auto-Pause in the same logging menu used in the previous step (again, screenshots for this are below).

6) Limit your account accessibility to friends only (optional). To adjust your privacy settings, visit, sign in with your account, change all privacy settings to “Friends Only”, and click “Save Changes”.

7) Connect a heart rate monitor with the app, if you will be using one (optional). Under , go to Settings > Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled, then Set up Bluetooth devices. Tap the name of the device and identify it as a heart rate monitor, and it will be paired with the app. Once paired, you just need to have the heart rate monitor on when you start recording your trip, and the data will sync up. If you have trouble, Ride with GPS provides further instructions for pairing Bluetooth-based monitors here:

That completes the set-up process. Now you are ready to record your trips!

Using the app each trip

Before starting off each active trip, open the app, press “GO RIDE”, and then press the red circle. The application will run in the background and will not interfere with any other applications.

When you arrive at your destination, press and hold the pause button and then pressto go to the save menu. There, please name your trip in the format [travel mode]/[trip purpose]. For example, if you used your electric bike to go to work, name your trip “ebike/work”. Please use the following labels to describe your trip:

Travel mode Purpose
walk work
run school
bike errand
ebike leisure
other exercise

Then click save, and you are all done for this trip! 

Note that the app uses GPS to track your trip, so please remember to keep your phone charged up during your data collection week. This is a battery-friendly GPS app, but still uses more power than when your phone is simply “asleep”. Also don’t forget to charge your heart rate monitor, if you are using one.

Missed trips

If you forget to record any trips, please manually enter them by visiting, signing in to your account, and clicking “upload” in the menu bar. Then click “add” on the bottom left sidebar and enter your trip information.

Screen shots – adjust logging interval and Auto-pause

                                        Android                                                                                     IOS